Renae's Red E Edge Side Clamps

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Red-E-Edges are the BEST way to ensure you NEVER have to deal with tucks on the back of your quilt or wavy edges ever again. Using just one small clamp may leave you with uneven tension....causing a wavy border. No clamps mean you run a risk of a tuck on the back of your quilt.

These light weight side clamps hold securely and evenly across the entire side of your quilt. Red-E-Edges ensure evenly spaced tension so you don't get uneven borders from a single point of a small clamp. All New UPDATED Red-E-Edges are designed to snap shut easily, open easily and still hold your back fabric with the perfect level of tension! You deserve the best. Red-E-Edges will make your quilting on ANY machine easier. Less time fussing means more time quilting.

*The new solid white design replaces the original clear version*

*Sold as a set of two*

Customer Reviews

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Not what I was expecting.....

Look at the picture closely - I really didn't - I was expecting a shorter version of Renae's Red Snappers. But that is not what this is. It's a long flat clamp, kinda like what you would put on a school report/presentation (clear cover, with a slide on binding). Definitely not worth what I paid...

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