A Note on Shipping Delays with USPS

Monday, May 6th, 2024 

With the recent storms and high shipping volumes, logistical issues have overwhelmed the USPS distribution centers around the US. With USPS services, you can expect delays and missed origin scans through 2024. Many USPS shipments are not being scanned at all. If your order is time sensitive, use UPS instead of the free shipping option. 

We're busy shipping as fast as we always have and doing everything we can to get packages on their way quickly – handing them over to the USPS the same day they're shipped, and we're tracking shipping delays so that we know exactly what's happening with your packages.


Will my USPS package be delayed?


The USPS is experiencing extended delays almost everywhere right now. Our shipping methods haven’t changed and we still have the same amount of staff working to get your packages out ASAP. Some packages are taking a lot longer than the standard First Class, 3 to 5 days or even Priority, 2 to 3 days. While the package has left our facility, scans are not immediately made and they seem to be sitting at USPS facilities longer, sometimes remaining "in transit" between facilities for a longer period of time than usual.
Here is a sample USPS tracking link that verifies this situation. Go to Tracking History and note the label creation date. There was no origin scan and the acceptance scan took 8 days, even though it was in USPS possession.  The package was delivered but significantly later than normal and with delays in several areas of the US. 

The good news is that you can always reach out to us by email (sales@sewingmachine.com) or by phone at 1-800-426-2246 for questions about your order or shipment.  The bad news is that the only information we have on the location or delivery date for a specific package is the same tracking information that you're probably watching (and, if you're like us, checking multiple times a day)!

We’ve always offered mostly same day shipping, once your items are picked your order is shipped. We're not happy that the USPS is adding more waiting to that timeline, testing everybody's patience, and we don't take that lightly. We understand and commiserate with your frustration. 


Why don't you take USPS options off the site?


SewingMachine.com is sticking with the USPS right now for two primary reasons: USPS is the only carrier with prices that enable us to offer free shipping to our customers with domestic purchases over $49.99. USPS is also the only method of sending items to PO boxes and we do not want to limit our PO box customers.

Bottom line: We all love free shipping when we're shopping online, and we don't want to take that option or the ability to receive our products to your PO box away from you, our valued customers, unless we absolutely have to.


Why can't you tell me where my USPS package is?


Like any other business, we have no control over a package once we hand it over to the carrier. It sounds silly to say that, but we all know that's how it works! Trust that we're just as disappointed about a delay as you are.

Unfortunately, we don't have any way to make the postal service move faster, and there's not a secret phone number we can call to find out information that's not on the tracking page. (Believe us, we've tried just about everything!)

USPS handles about half of the world's mail and delivers more packages in 16 days than UPS and FedEx combined deliver in a year. That means that the vast majority of small businesses ship their online orders via USPS, and SewingMachine.com isn't the only business that's having this frustrating problem.


What if I don't want to deal with the USPS?


If your order is time-sensitive in any way, we highly recommend upgrading your carrier to UPS. UPS is moving faster although there are still a few issues, they can be tracked and will arrive sooner. If you really need your package quickly, then please choose UPS as your carrier. 

Please reach out at sales@sewingmachine.com if you have questions or suggestions! We're all still here and are always happy to hear from you.