PR & EMP series Tutorials

Design Placement on the PR-620
How to center designs for placement in the hoop, on the cap frame and on the cylinder frame are covered in this exercise. Designs should be checked for size using the appropriate hoop area size on the machine or in PE-Design software.


Changing Thread Colors on the PR-600/620 -Miss Pdf file-
The PR-600/620 offers several ways to change thread colors: the Spool Exchange Function Key, the Temporary Needle Bar Settings Key and the Change Thread Color Key. Each function offers a way to customize your color choices in a variety of situations.

Using the Cylinder Frame on the PR-620
The cylinder frame allows you to embroider items like pants, sleeves, bags andcylindrical items without having to open the seams. Learn how to hoop withcylinder frame, attach the cylinder driver to the machine, attach the cylinderframe to the cylinder driver and screen settings for the cylinder frame.
***The cylinder frame is designed to be used with the upgraded PR-600 II or PR-620.

Using the PR-620 Flat Frame
Using the flat frame allows large embroideries on a wide variety of fabrics exceptcylindrical items. Embroidery can be done on larger items such as blankets,jacket backs and quilts. The flat hoop is designed so that larger items lay acrossthe sides of the machine. The flat frame iscompatible with all PR-600 models.

Hats on the PR-620
How to set up the cap frame driver and the mounting jig are covered in theseinstructions. Learn hat loading, attaching the frame cap to the machine and screensettings for hats. Combine innovative designs to make that company logo special.
***The PR620 has two specialized hat frames to allow caps to be embroidered in anatural “tubular” fashion.

Monogram and Lettering with the PR620
Everything monogrammed! It’s the new millennium and everything around us ismonogrammed. From Hats to diapers, we see monogramming everywhere. This is thetime to show off your style. Make sure your customer who is looking into their ownbusiness sees a wide sampling of things that can be done. The secrets to successfulcreative monograms are shown in this class. Learn hooping techniques for a variety ofitems such as cuffs, pockets, collars, bags, baby items, doggie items and the list goes on.For placement ideas, a magazine such as Stitches is a valuable resource.

Techniques and Tips on the PR-620
Learn how to demonstrate the PR-620 and make it look aseasy as it really is. Topics to be covered will be: basicoperation, machine threading, screen icons, mergingpatterns, using more than 6 colors in a single project andmuch more. Be impressed at how swiftly you can transferdesigns from Brothers extensive library of cards or from thecomputer/PE Design 8.0 software to the PR-620. Createendless possibilities with the editing and copy function builtright into the machine.